Focusing on Strong Advocacy and Committed Client Relationships


Our Mission

The firm's vision is founded on three basic principles.

Smart, Aggressive Advocacy 

Many cases are not made for the courtroom, but are better served for alternative dispute resolution (mediation/arbitration). If this is the case, our attorneys have represented clients in countless mediations and/or arbitrations and we will provide you with superior representation in those arenas. If your case is not suited for mediation/arbitration, however, and your rights are better served by way of a lawsuit, Domine Law will fight for you.

Unfortunately, many law firms look to avoid the rigors of the courtroom because it is more stressful or because it creates more work for the attorney. This is not the case at Domine Law. We will not shy away from, but embrace, the opportunity to advocate for our clients and obtain justice from a judge or jury.


Superior Legal Research and Writing

Although legal research and writing is not the exciting part of the law that is often portrayed on television, it is what wins or loses cases. Domine Law takes pride in our superior legal research and writing skills. We often dispense of opposing motions in their entirety on paper, eliminating the need for argument in court. Similarly, the papers drafted by us have earned us a reputation in the legal community as a firm that demands respect. At Domine Law, the pen is truly mightier than the sword.


Strong Client Relationships 

This third prong is probably the most important of the Domine Law principles. At Domine Law, we realize that without our clients, we would not exist. As a result, our clients are not treated as a mere case number. They are treated as real people with real problems and, more often than not, our clients remain our friends. In fact, the majority of our new business comes by way of referrals from satisfied Domine Law clients. Our clients typically have the Domine Law office number stored in their phones and call on our expertise for all of their legal needs.

At Domine Law we realize that most people are not accustomed to having an attorney. We realize that people are unfamiliar with, and often intimidated by, the legal process. Because we are fully aware of these feelings, we take great care to explain the legal experience in a simple, while not condescending, manner.  Domine Law strives to make a difficult time as painless as possible. Let Domine Law lawyers do the worrying for you. 

Many law firms thrive financially to the detriment of one or more of these three crucial areas. At Domine Law, however, these three basic principles form the cornerstone of our practice.

We encourage you to explore our website in order to get to know our firm. We hope that this site can answer many questions about who we are and what we do.  Feel free to  quickly and easily Get In Touch with Us through our online contact form.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about Domine Law. We look forward to speaking with you in person regarding your legal needs.

Comprehensive legal support you can trust.


Domine Law has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective legal solutions for our clients.

We serve a wide-array of clientele, every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise. 

Domine Law was founded by attorney Jeffrey Domine.  Mr. Domine is a highly credentialed attorney who has previously worked for top-notch, AV-rated litigation firms.


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Jeffrey B. Domine

Jeff has exclusively practiced construction defect, common interest (condominiums, planned interest developments, etc.) and real estate law for nearly twenty-one years.

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